Meet the Country Carriage Team




Miss Rosie

Horse drawn Carriage Rides downtown

Miss Rosie is our Brabant, which is a European Belgian. She gets lots of double looks due to the black feathering around her feet. Feathering on horse’s legs is normally associated with Clydesdales, but is also a trait of Brabants. Her coloration changes with the seasons as she is very dark in the winter and almost silver when she sheds her winter coat in the spring. Just because she is the only girl she tries to rule the barn when at home.


Mr. Tom

Horse drawn Carriage Rides downtown

Mr. Tom is a North American Spotted Draft. His coloration and size make him a stand-out among the carriage horses down town. Even though he is smart as a whip he loves all the attention from the people coming by. Maybe he is just looking to see who he can beg treats from. In his off time he enjoys trail riding. If he sees a saddle he will bang on the gate with his foot till you come and get him out.



Horse drawn Carriage Rides downtown

Tank is a good looking Clydesdale who has his own fan club down town. Seems lots of people stop by just to see the big boy. He is a red roan coloration which is not all that common among Clydesdales. He is never just standing still as he has to look at everything going on around him. This Mamma’s boy does like to go on trail rides as well.


Mr. Clyde

Horse drawn Carriage Rides downtown

You guessed it, Mr. Clyde is a Clydesdale. Nothing phases Clyde as he makes his way around downtown Indy as he is happy to go anywhere and do anything. He loves to hang out with the goats back at the farm. It is not unusual to see him laying down with baby goats playing King of the Hill on his back…..well maybe King of the Horse is more correct.



Hours of Operation
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Fridays: 6pm-11pm
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*Additional days during holidays



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The Capital Building and Canal
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